Monday, 1 November 2010


The last month of autumn, traditionally.

Today was just so, so beautiful. Jess and I walked along the towpath - we can do this only if we don't hang about on the way down to the water. Jess is 6 months old, so her walks are limited to 30 minutes each, or thereabouts. Today we headed straight down to the water, and turned towards Bradford on Avon.

It was such an amazingly pretty afternoon - the light was so perfect, and the trees are all turning colour. Widbrook Wood runs alongside the canal where we were walking. It has a lot of cherry trees, together with oak and birch, and the colour mix is extraordinary. The birches turn acid yellow, the cherries turn deep red, and the oaks are going amber.

And the light was slanting, the way it does in late afternoon, and there is a quality of such richness to it at this time of year, almost golden.

Jess had a wonderful time, tearing around after fallen leaves as the wind picked them up, but never too far away from me, and generally being very photogenic and adorable.

To cap it all off, on the way home we saw a kingfisher, that silent flash of electric blue, a moment to treasure.

And I forgot my camera.

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Brenda said...

My camera is also often at home when I need it. I need a memory card - for my brain.