Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Must knit faster!

Seriously though, things have been a bit mad around here. (Although I think that's a contradiction in terms.)

The knitting-project-that-I-can't-talk-about didn't grow very much at all yesterday, but today it has been veritably flying off the needles. The technique involved has suddenly clicked mentally into place, and my hands automatically know what to do, and are doing it fast, and I don't have to look at my knitting all the time. Until today each row was taking about 4 minutes to complete, but I'm now cracking along with each row taking something less that half that time. So that's good.

I hope to have it finished in a week, sooner if possible.

In lieu of knitting pictures, I offer you instead a picture of a Jess, fast asleep on the sofa.

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Terri(terdotty on rav) said...

Jess is such a big girl now! She has gorgeous colouring, and like all puppies, looks extra adorable when asleep - just like babies!