Thursday, 14 October 2010

Two things

Two finished projects, all of a sudden.

The blue cardigan for my mother-in-law is first.

This is a very straightforward little thing. Pattern from Sasha Kagan, in a recent (or fairly recent) issue of Woman's Weekly. I worked this in a single colour - the pattern is for a fair isle garment. I also worked the front bands in with the two fronts instead of attaching them afterwards, and I used Russian grafting to join the neckband extensions at the centre back.

Please note, Russian grafting is best worked on the wrong side of the work, if you want it to be unobtrusive.

The yarn is Patons 4ply cotton, which is a good basic cotton. I enjoyed working with the fine cotton, but I was glad to finish this and get on with a pattern of my own choosing.

By the way, this pattern has the best fitting sleeve caps I have ever encountered, setting them in was truly a piece of cake.

I've also finished Mythos.

I like this more than I thought I would. The fabric is extremely soft and stretchy - almost too stretchy, I think, despite the fact that I went down a needle size. I made size 44, which came out as size 40 due to my altered gauge.

It is an easy knit - the pattern is written very clearly - but it is still interesting because there is always something going on with regard to the shaping.

I think the only thing of note here is the method of working the i-cord edging. When working along live stitches, there is of course no problem. But working along a row-end edge, things aren't quite so straightforward because the fabric edge tends to peep through. The fact that fabric - and hence the i-cord - is very open certainly doesn't help.

So, I used a different method. With 3 sts on the needle, knit 2, slip 1. Then yarnover, and knit up one stitch from the fabric edge - 5 sts on the needle at this point. Then lift stitches two and three - that's the yarnover and the slipped stitch - over the first stitch - that's the knitted up stitch - and off the end of the needle. And repeat.

This works like magic, I can see I will be using it in future!

If I do make another Mythos, I'll go down a size to produce a size 36". The shoulders of the size 40" are a bit wider than I'd really like, and there is lots of stretch, so a 36" would be fine.

I've finished Felicity too, and cast on for another Opal, as well as starting work on my mother's cardigan, but that lot can wait til next time!


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my goodness you're busy - and productive! That is a fabulous set in shoulder but is it the pattern or the knitter who deserves the credit for that?

Brenda said...

Thanks for the get description of the I Cord. I'm struggling with attached I Cord for my Elizabeth Zimmermann 50th anniversary cardigan at the moment, so your directions were helpful.

Barbara said...

I have just finished a cardigan with moss stitch collar, and joined the two halves at the back with Russian grafting, following the instructions from your blog post a while back. I worked on the right side, but in fact I think that the join looks pretty neat on both sides.