Monday, 4 October 2010


Things I want to make very soon -

  1. A hat for myself - Felicity, using 2 balls of black Cashsoft Aran. Like this one.
  2. A scarf in Kidsilk Haze - Betty, from Kim Hargreaves newest book 'Touching Elegance'.
  3. A Tartan scarf in the brown colourway.
  4. Maya.
  5. Irish Moss - a cardigan from Nancy Bush, using lots of twisted stitches, in Peace Fleece DK.
  6. Alexi - a classic cardi from Kim Hargreaves. I will use Elann Quechua which is a wool/tencel blend and feels very silky and smooth, mine is camel colour.
  7. Another Alexi, in some supersoft navy merino from Colourmart.
  8. Victor, in Felted Tweed Aran. This is actually a men's pattern - I feel the need for a big snuggly warm pullover. And I like the sleeve detail in this pattern. Kim Hargreaves again, needless to say.
  9. Wild Saffron, with which I have immediately fallen completely in love. This is daft because the yarn is expensive. But oh, it is pretty. And I'd wear it so much!
  10. Ivy.
  11. Eve's Ribs, which is just beautiful.
  12. Asante, which would be perfect in Felted Tweed.
  13. My poor neglected Mythos needs finishing.
  14. I really really want to be working on my Earth Stripe Curtain, as well.
  15. And I want to make some socks for myself on 2mm needles.

What I'm actually going to be knitting -

  1. A blue cotton cardigan for my mother-in-law. I am so nearly finished, I am on the last piece now.....
  2. Another cotton cardigan, turquoise this time, for my mother. My mum has reached the point where she can't knit any more - her sight is almost gone and she is having problems with her hands shaking - and she wants me to finish this for her. This shouldn't take too long, it is Aran weight cotton.

I know it is not an original request, but I really do want more hours in the day.


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh what a lovely vicarious trip through your list of planned projects!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh what a lovely vicarious trip through your list of planned projects!

Brenda said...

WOW! A long list - but thanks for the links. My favourite is the cabled cardigan.