Friday, 29 October 2010


I am still plugging along with the turquoise cotton cardigan for my mother. It is going slowly, mainly because I'd rather be working on something woolly instead, but also because of pattern problems. So far I've finished the back and am past the armhole shaping on the left front.

I've discovered that there is a bit of a problem with the pattern. If you work the slope of the v neckline as it says in the pattern, then the fronts turn out rather longer than the back. And no it isn't a dropped-back shoulder line, and yes I have taken account of 'at the same time'. It is just a mistake, I am pretty sure. Looking at the picture on the leaflet, I can see where the front slope takes a distinct jog inwards, near the top, where the slope suddenly gets much steeper just before the shoulder. The test knitter fudged it, I believe.

I am adjusting the slope of the front instead. There was some pulling back, of course, once I discovered the problem, but now that is sorted out, things may go a bit faster.

Now, Felicity.

Free pattern here. I used two balls of Cashsoft Aran in black, and needles size 4mm and 5mm. I modified the pattern by casting on 80 sts instead of 70, and working a bit of extra length as well.

This is a nice hat, but it isn't really big enough for me. The tension around the forehead is just a bit too much, and there isn't enough slouch, either. So it is being frogged, and I shall make myself a nice plain hat, probably with a roll brim.

I was looking back at my list of things that I wanted to knit - there were 15 things on the list, then. Two of them have disappeared, or rather, can be ticked off, because I did actually finish Mythos and Felicity. Another has been changed - the navy merino is no longer intended for Alexi, instead it is going to be Snowbird. And there is my new hat to add to the list as well - and I have started another Opal - so that is still 15 things. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

Finally, Jessie is 6 months old, so I think that a picture is in order. She's about as big now as she's going to get, and that's just a little larger than Lucy. This can be judged from the fact that she can get her nose onto the edge of the dining table when she jumps up - which she is not allowed to do, of course. Lucy was not quite tall enough to do this, so the problem never arose.

She is still incredibly soft and fluffy, this is all puppy coat, and it will in due course be shed, and her proper coat will come in. Right now she looks as if she has little fluffy trousers on, and her feet look really small because I am keeping them trimmed - it is much more comfortable for her like that, otherwise she ends up walking on fur instead of on her little pads.

She's looking so grown up now. They don't stay small for very long!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Two things

Two finished projects, all of a sudden.

The blue cardigan for my mother-in-law is first.

This is a very straightforward little thing. Pattern from Sasha Kagan, in a recent (or fairly recent) issue of Woman's Weekly. I worked this in a single colour - the pattern is for a fair isle garment. I also worked the front bands in with the two fronts instead of attaching them afterwards, and I used Russian grafting to join the neckband extensions at the centre back.

Please note, Russian grafting is best worked on the wrong side of the work, if you want it to be unobtrusive.

The yarn is Patons 4ply cotton, which is a good basic cotton. I enjoyed working with the fine cotton, but I was glad to finish this and get on with a pattern of my own choosing.

By the way, this pattern has the best fitting sleeve caps I have ever encountered, setting them in was truly a piece of cake.

I've also finished Mythos.

I like this more than I thought I would. The fabric is extremely soft and stretchy - almost too stretchy, I think, despite the fact that I went down a needle size. I made size 44, which came out as size 40 due to my altered gauge.

It is an easy knit - the pattern is written very clearly - but it is still interesting because there is always something going on with regard to the shaping.

I think the only thing of note here is the method of working the i-cord edging. When working along live stitches, there is of course no problem. But working along a row-end edge, things aren't quite so straightforward because the fabric edge tends to peep through. The fact that fabric - and hence the i-cord - is very open certainly doesn't help.

So, I used a different method. With 3 sts on the needle, knit 2, slip 1. Then yarnover, and knit up one stitch from the fabric edge - 5 sts on the needle at this point. Then lift stitches two and three - that's the yarnover and the slipped stitch - over the first stitch - that's the knitted up stitch - and off the end of the needle. And repeat.

This works like magic, I can see I will be using it in future!

If I do make another Mythos, I'll go down a size to produce a size 36". The shoulders of the size 40" are a bit wider than I'd really like, and there is lots of stretch, so a 36" would be fine.

I've finished Felicity too, and cast on for another Opal, as well as starting work on my mother's cardigan, but that lot can wait til next time!

Monday, 4 October 2010


Things I want to make very soon -

  1. A hat for myself - Felicity, using 2 balls of black Cashsoft Aran. Like this one.
  2. A scarf in Kidsilk Haze - Betty, from Kim Hargreaves newest book 'Touching Elegance'.
  3. A Tartan scarf in the brown colourway.
  4. Maya.
  5. Irish Moss - a cardigan from Nancy Bush, using lots of twisted stitches, in Peace Fleece DK.
  6. Alexi - a classic cardi from Kim Hargreaves. I will use Elann Quechua which is a wool/tencel blend and feels very silky and smooth, mine is camel colour.
  7. Another Alexi, in some supersoft navy merino from Colourmart.
  8. Victor, in Felted Tweed Aran. This is actually a men's pattern - I feel the need for a big snuggly warm pullover. And I like the sleeve detail in this pattern. Kim Hargreaves again, needless to say.
  9. Wild Saffron, with which I have immediately fallen completely in love. This is daft because the yarn is expensive. But oh, it is pretty. And I'd wear it so much!
  10. Ivy.
  11. Eve's Ribs, which is just beautiful.
  12. Asante, which would be perfect in Felted Tweed.
  13. My poor neglected Mythos needs finishing.
  14. I really really want to be working on my Earth Stripe Curtain, as well.
  15. And I want to make some socks for myself on 2mm needles.

What I'm actually going to be knitting -

  1. A blue cotton cardigan for my mother-in-law. I am so nearly finished, I am on the last piece now.....
  2. Another cotton cardigan, turquoise this time, for my mother. My mum has reached the point where she can't knit any more - her sight is almost gone and she is having problems with her hands shaking - and she wants me to finish this for her. This shouldn't take too long, it is Aran weight cotton.

I know it is not an original request, but I really do want more hours in the day.