Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Many happenings....

I have been so busy, these last weeks.

The single most significant thing that has happened is that my daughter has gone to Africa for a while. She's a medical student at one of the big London teaching hospitals, on an accelerated graduate entry course. She's just going into her last year - and as part of the course she is required to spend some time working abroad. She could have gone anywhere in the world, practically, but she chose to go and work in Africa. At the moment she is working at a clinic in Ethiopia, which is attached to an orphanage where all the children are HIV positive. And I am so proud of her that I hardly know how to express it.

She says that she's enjoying it, and that everyone is friendly, and that she is learning a lot, and that although the facilities are very basic indeed, the children are getting good treatment, and that they do have electricity most of the time...(!) And even, occasionally, an internet connection - I've had an email from her. So I know she's arrived, and that all is well. She'll be back in October.

Compared to that, everything else fades into insignificance, really.

Jessie is doing so well. She's past the fast growth stage, and heading into adolescence. At the moment she's teething like anything. The big molars at the back are coming through, and she has such an urge to chew - a frozen washcloth seems to be helpful, and ice cubes too.

She's still eating a lot. We are giving her Naturediet and Nature's Menu - both of these are real foods, not dry kibble, and both of them are a complete diet. The difference is convenience, really - the Nature's Menu is basically minced raw meat (including ground bone) and a selection of vegetables, and it comes as a bag of frozen nuggets which you just thaw out - the Naturediet has a very similar content but is cooked, and comes in plastic packs which you can keep at room temperature. Real food, though!

And my goodness, she does keep us busy! She is so bright, and is learning quickly. Once a week we take her to the Puppy Class at a local dog training club - she just loves this.

The advice these days is that young puppies should be walked no more than 5 minutes per month of age, twice a day. So for Jessie at 4 months old, that means two 20 minute walks a day, at most. I am finding that I can cope with this - most days, at least.

I've been told that I will definitely need to have one more surgery. I was expecting this, and hopefully it won't be long to wait - after all, this isn't a new problem, it is because things didn't heal correctly after the big surgery last summer. Eight to ten weeks, I've been told.

Other than that, things are going well.

Knitting, though - not quite so much. I still haven't finished Julia, the Debbie Bliss cabled cotton pullover, but I have started something else - Cardoon - and it is flying off the needles. I have just one and a bit sleeves to go, and it will be done.

So, watch this space..........

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