Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I seem to have rather lost the blogging habit, what with being away sans internet for five whole weeks.

In fact I seem to have lost the internet habit as well, which is quite a surprise. I used to love wandering around Ravelry, looking at this and that, projects and patterns, and organising my queue - that's a terrible time waster, by the way. Anyway, not at the moment.

And, do you know, I am really not missing it at all.

I am, of course, spending a lot of time with little Jessie. She is now having two walks a day, and I am just about coping with that. We don't go anywhere very fast, as there seem to be an awful lot of fence posts and lampposts and other interesting things around here that a little puppy cannot possibly be expected to walk past without stopping and sniffing thoroughly. Plus if we meet another dog - and their owner too, of course - we always seem to stop and talk for a while. (Jessie just loves meeting other dogs, and new people. She's going to be very well socialised, we think.)

It does mean that our progress is slow. The other day I borrowed my son's GPS thingie and discovered that we are walking at an average speed of one and a half miles per hour. So I'm not exactly covering a lot of ground, and that's probably a good thing.

There is a fine balance to be achieved here - I do very much want to improve my general level of fitness, as I've been a semi-invalid for rather too long now, and I do have another surgery coming up - but I have to be careful not to do too much, or the pain management doesn't manage, if you follow. And that is definitely not recommended.

Little slow walks with a little fluffy puppy are just about right, at the moment. But I remember how I used to walk with Lucy, before she (and I) got ill - we would go off for a good couple of hours every day along the footpaths in all weathers, we both loved it, and it was wonderful. I do want to get back to that, very much, but it's not going to happen overnight, that's for sure.

Knitting - Julia is still stalled, and I haven't finished Cardoon yet. I'm half way up the second sleeve, and then I shall need to set in the sleeves, and work the side seams.

Also, I haven't mentioned the latest travel sock, which is in blue Crazy Zauberball. I do like the colours, and I also like the way that the round ball of yarn looks, but I don't like the way that sections of yarn keep falling off the ball and getting into a tangle in my little sock workbag. Nearly at the first heel, anyway, and it is nice yarn to work with - not splitty, and nice and soft.

I am feeling a real need for more cardigans in my wardrobe at the moment, and I think that after this I shall cast on for Mythos, with the first sleeve as my swatch. I have some Kaffe Fassett Design Line sock yarn in Caribbean Mirage, which should work up rather nicely, I think.

Photos eventually, I promise.

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