Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Pretty thing

I have finally finished Citron.

The knitting was all done with last week, and the blocking - such as it was - was done over the weekend. Just a quick blast with the steam iron along the garter stitch border, really, and a little bit of steam along the ruffle as well. I didn't want to flatten out any of the ruching.

And, you know, it really is a pretty thing.

Pattern, of course, is here - free, from Knitty - the yarn was a single skein of Malabrigo Lace in Lettuce - and the needle size was as suggested in the pattern, 4mm. The only modification was a very slight one, an additional two rows in the final ruffle. I could have added another two rows - there would have been enough yarn - but I didn't bother. Thirteen rows is fine.

I like this. My first experience with Malabrigo and I now know why everyone goes into superlatives when describing how soft it is - so I'll spare you that, and just say that it really is every bit as soft as you've heard.

How much I like it, you may judge from the fact that I intend to make another one, this time in Tuareg Blue. The pattern, the yarn, and the needle are all together in a ziplock bag, ready to go on the boat in a few weeks time.

And speaking of the boat, we escaped again for a few days. The weather over the last week or so has been just lovely, warm and sunny - exceptionally warm for this time of year. I hope this means we are going to have a good summer, but I know better than to try and make any predictions. Wishful thinking is still allowed, though. I missed all the good weather last year, due to being in hospital during the hottest bit, and recuperating during all the rest of it. This year I intend to make the most of it.

Anyway, boat.

We went in the other direction this time. We went up through Semington, and moored in Seend, partway up the flight of locks there, by the pub.

This was taken early in the morning, which is why it is deserted. It certainly wasn't deserted the previous evening. Really an excellent pub with some very good cider, and I hear the food is good there, too.

Also, flotillas of little ducks everywhere, it seemed....

We had some difficulty with these little ones as they all went into the lock when the gates were opened. Locks are not good places for baby ducks to be, and mama duck had to spend some time coaxing them all out again. We waited, and were entertained.

It doesn't do to be in a hurry, on the waterways.

Knitting has continued. My hands seem to be getting more accustomed to working with cotton, and Pomander is now up past the armhole shaping on the back.

My row gauge is out, unfortunately, by about 10%. I think I shall still have enough yarn, but that can be a real difficulty in this situation. Fortunately I ordered plenty. (McA direct, this time, another good place to find clearance yarns online.) I am sorry to see this yarn go - Cotton Jeans, by the way - as it really does make a lovely fabric, soft and drapy and dense, with lovely subtle variations in the colour, which is Tussore 373.

And I must must must get on with the socks! I have finished the first sock completely, and am partway down the leg of the second sock. When I get to the heel, I want to take some pictures of my new and wonderful idea. I could try to just explain it, but I know of old that this usually doesn't work too well.

So, must knit faster.

Except - I brought my wheel downstairs this morning. And I am now going to sit in the garden with a nice cup of coffee at my side, and spin instead.

I'll get to the sock later though, I promise.


Brenda said...

Pretty Indeed!!! Lovely colour too

Linda said...

I love Citron, we are away next week so I might find yarn to make one. Please show us your spinning and wheel!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my goodness - a wheel and tea in the garden in England after a weekend on the water visiting English pubs with good cider aaaaand soon you'll have a new puppy!

You are living in heaven! Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us back here on earth!

Helen said...

Citron is lovely: such a simple pattern and yet I keep seeing new ones that surprise me all over again. I can't wait to see it in Tuareg Blue.