Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Finally, here it is.

Pattern from Kim Hargreaves, in her book Heartfelt: The Dark House Collection. I used 8 balls of Felted Tweed in Carbon 159, and made size 38".

The only changes from the pattern were the omission of the knitted belt - not my sort of thing really - although there would have been enough yarn for it, and the join at the middle of the neckband at the back. The pattern says to cast off both ends and seam - I worked a Russian graft with the live stitches, and I am really pleased with the result. I did a little 'how to' on this a while back - time for an update on that sometime, I think - but that is basically how I did it.

Just one thing to note - it is a good idea to work this join on the wrong side of the fabric. It really is very unobtrusive indeed, considering that the join is on double moss stitch.

I've started Pomander.

This pattern is from Martin Storey, in the RYC book Summer Delights. The yarn is of course Cotton Jeans, and I'm working on 4.5mm needles. It is hurting my hands as cotton always does, despite the fact that it is so soft in the ball and in the finished fabric. So I am only picking it up each time for a little while, and hoping that I'll toughen up soon.

Loving the colour, though, and the textured stitch adds a bit of interest to the knitting.

At the moment we are quite busy getting the boat ready for the journey to the Guildford Festival Boat Gathering - we've definitely decided to go, this year, and we'll be leaving in mid-June. Puppy will come too, of course!

We are allowing two weeks to get there, which should be plenty of time. I'm trying to make sure that the larder cupboard is well stocked with a good assortment of tinned and longlife food, besides the usual dry goods such as rice and non-wheat pasta - plus puppy food too. We do have a fridge, and we make full use of that as well, but it is a good idea to minimise shopping en route as much as possible and that means a bit of forward thinking and menu planning.

What else - this afternoon we are going to visit the puppies for the first time! -so the camera battery is charging. They are not yet four weeks old but apparently are growing well, and the mother is just beginning to push them away, so the breeder is starting to wean them.

There are two girl puppies - one is blue roan, and the other is blue roan with some touches of tan - and we can choose which one we would like.

We've decided that the name is probably going to be Jess - or Jessie. Although that may yet change!


Sel and Poivre said...

There is something wonderful about undertaking a boat trip - quite different from travelling across land. As wonderful as that adventure sounds though I so wish I was going to look at puppies today!

Brenda said...

The boat trip sounds wonderful - but you haven't mentioned stocking the larder with yarn. It's the first thing I'd do. :)

Linda said...

Dusk looks great, very wearable. I hope you enjoy the puppy viewing.