Saturday, 3 April 2010

Not a project?

I could never see the attraction of knitting dishcloths. Why would anyone really bother to make such a thing?

But I am afraid that I have now definitely succumbed. I'm on my third one already, and more are waiting in the wings.

It turns out that these little things are a good idea on several fronts.

First, having a stack of these in one of the kitchen drawers means that I don't need to buy cloths or sponges from the supermarket. Yes, I need to make sure that they are clean, but that's easy, really. And if I'm not using plastic bags any more, why not take another step in that direction and stop using plastic sponge thingies, even if they are really really cheap? The plastic bags used to be free, after all - and does anybody use them now?

Second, dishcloths are useful for practising different knitting stitches and techniques. I've been looking recently at different ways of working modular knitting - domino knitting, if you will. There are some different recommendations around, with regard to how best to pick up stitches, and so forth, and swatching is the best way to find out what works for me.

Along that particular line of research, I'm just finishing the Mason-Dixon 9 patch dishcloth at the moment, and Vivian Hoxbro's Domino Potholder will follow shortly.

Thirdly, it turns out that these are actually quite fun to make. Not complex - well, not necessarily so - and quick to finish.

I somehow don't think these qualify as projects, though. Not sure why, though - perhaps it is because knitting one of these feels too much like knitting a swatch. Maybe a set of three dishcloths, or five, or half a dozen - maybe that would count as a project....?

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Barbara said...

I just read this after mentioning knitted dishcloths in my own blog, by coincidence. When I was little (in the 50s) I think you couldn't buy dishcloths or anything else to wash up with - no plastics then, for instance. And they were plain garter stitch squares, so that you get the maximum number of bobbles. (I've never liked garter stitch, ever since.) I was reminded when I saw dishcloth cotton on the yarn stall in my local market (white and natural). Is that what you are using?