Saturday, 24 April 2010

I am back

All over and done with now, thank goodness.

I am glad to be home - I've been back since Wednesday, actually - and am doing not a whole lot of anything just yet, other than resting. Today I've been sitting outside soaking up this glorious sunshine, and knitting on the current travel sock - and we fired up the barbecue for our supper, for the first time this year. Summer is coming....!

We've finally managed to pot on the tomatoes and some salad greens that have been growing from seed, on the conservatory windowsill. They are currently sitting in a covered propagator getting used to their new roomy surroundings. The runner beans were planted outside and I set 40-odd onions before I went into hospital, and today I started sowing some salad greens outside - polycress and some mixed salad leaves. I'll be sowing a bit more each week, so we have a continuing supply - at least that's the theory. I just hope we don't have a late frost.

The main knitting related news is that I have cast on for Citron with some Malabrigo Lace in Lettuce green. I was a bit dubious about working with such a fine soft single - wouldn't it tend to break? - but it turns out that this yarn is every bit as lovely as people say. Soft, light, and very well behaved indeed. I am part way through the second section, and I can see why this pattern is addictive.

Whilst I was in hospital, I did also cast on for another basic sock for myself in Trekking XXL, shade 100. The same colour as my husband's 'hippy socks'. Waiting to go down for surgery is a little bit stressful for me - and for most people, I should think - and I can't cope with reading a book at such a time. However knitting a nice soothing sock is just perfect. I managed to finish the ribbing before I was eventually hauled off to be mended.

I remain very impressed with our local hospital, Bath RUH (Royal United Hospital), and I think I'm lucky to have access to somewhere with such high standards. They were very helpful and considerate of my pain problems both before and after the op. And the place is spotlessly clean, which is always reassuring.

With regard to the pain issue, I do seem to be doing quite well at the moment. The pain is not gone - far from it - but it is under control. Managed, as they say.

And that really is necessary, because we are considering getting a puppy. We can't replace Lucy, of course - but there is an empty space in our lives without her. We've found a local breeder of blue roan cockers, and as luck would have it, they've just had a new litter - the puppies are eight days old today.

This breeder only has occasional litters, and they only allow their puppies to go to carefully vetted and suitable homes. We are hoping that they will approve of us!


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear your surgery went well and you're on the mend. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the breeder has just the right puppy for you.
Barbara in CA

Terri said...

Nice to have you back and hopefully recovering well. Good luck with the puppy hunt!

Experimental Knitter said...

Glad you're back and hope you get a puppy.

Linda said...

Citron is a lovely pattern. I hope you find the perfect puppy.