Monday, 12 April 2010


We've had a lovely long weekend on the boat.

And it was lovely, truly. Hot and sunny during the day, chilly mornings and evenings.

I am not sunburnt, but that's because I spent most of the time hiding under a shady hat. I am definitely looking as if I've been on holiday. Both of us are feeling well rested, mentally and physically. It seems to be impossible to feel stressed on the boat. You can practically feel the tension all floating off, and away out the window.....

We didn't go far. We spent one night at Bradford on Avon, and the second night at Avoncliff, just by the aqueduct.

Here is the aqueduct seen from below. There is an excellent pub called the Cross Guns, set between the waterway and the River Avon, and the gardens run down to the river - that's where we were sitting. And I've just learned from that link that the central section of the pub dates back to the 1490's - I'm not surprised.

And here is a quite spectacular weir on the Avon, looking upstream here from the same place. We could hear the noise of the falling water all night....

And this is wild garlic. Freshly picked, and lovely in a salad - you can use it much as you would basil. You definitely can't buy this in the shops.

Not your average weekend.

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Terdotty on Rav (Terri) said...

That looks like the most blissful, restful weekend, feeling relaxed just looking at the pics!