Thursday, 1 April 2010

Definitely losing it


The day before yesterday I turned out the very top shelf of one of my storage units. The one next to the sofa. This involved standing on the sofa and taking boxes and packs of yarn off the shelf, which was right up by the ceiling, pretty much.

That shelf.

Yes, I have plenty of yarn. I like yarn.

I was looking for my Dream In Color Classy, in Black Parade. I couldn't remember whether I had 4 skeins or 5, and this was critical as to whether or not I could make the Neck Down Wrap Cardigan, you see. So I wanted to look in the box to check. I knew it was on the very top shelf.

So, I started to take things off the shelf and put them on the sofa. I found my Black Parade. (The very top box on the right there, from the much lamented Socktopus. When I started, it was right at the back with other things on top of it.) I stopped taking things off the shelf. I checked in the box - yes, 5 skeins! - and then I put everything back again, nice and neatly.

I expect you are ahead of me at this point. Everything that came off that shelf went onto the sofa. Everything then came back off the sofa, and back onto the shelf. Including my remaining 7 balls of Felted Tweed for Dusk. (I knew I'd left it on the sofa!)


Sometimes I wonder about myself, I really do....

At least it wasn't in the fridge. (The very idea, Kate! - mind you, I did find the car keys there once. Plus ├ža change.....)

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Kate said...

I've been known to put all sorts of stuff in the fridge, so it wouldn't have surprised me. :-) Glad you found it, anyway!!