Friday, 5 March 2010

Ticking along....

I don't seem to be getting very much done today. Isn't it funny how phone calls eat up the time? I've just realised that it is half past three and I haven't even had lunch yet.

Not getting very much done also applies to knitting. I've finished the back and both sleeves of Nissa, but I haven't got round to casting on for the front. Later, later....

The TENS machine is actually helping. Not a lot - but a bit. Definitely. It is a clever little gadget, although it is a bit of a performance, what with wires, and sticky pads on my back which have to go in the exact right place, and so forth. But I can see already that I will be keeping it - any help is better than none. And yesterday we went to the garden centre for vegetable seeds (runner beans, tomatoes, and a whole assortment of different salad greens - lovely!) and this little black box meant that I was able to cope.

Right now I need to go and chop up some vegetables to roast for the evening meal, and start a new batch of yogurt.

Oh, and have some lunch. That too.

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