Thursday, 11 March 2010


I'd appreciate some advice here.

Sugarplum is an old design from Louisa Harding, originally published in Rowan 12. There was a single colour cardigan version, and a multi-coloured pullover. A re-coloured pullover version was in the recent book Rowan's Greatest Knits.

It looks like this -

I know, very eighties. But I do like the cardigan version, which is shown in the little inset at the lower right, worked in a solid colour. I like the stripes, but I'd change the colours, as these are a bit strong for my taste. I would rather have a quieter palette.

So, six colours needed here.

Across the back and the front, the six colours run in vertical stripes, in sequence. The collar has the same colours as the cuff on the opposite side. And the sleeves are the same colours as the opposite side of the centre front.

The original colours were Avocado, Port, Indigo, Damson, Marine, and Pomegranate.

I'm thinking Avocado, Indigo, Cypress, Marine, Pomegranate, and Ultramarine.

I've dropped Port and Damson - dark reds and purples are not my thing, really, much too heavy for what I have in mind - and added Cypress and Ultramarine. I do love Cypress, it is a beautiful colour, and Ultramarine is the violet that needs to be in there somewhere.

So my sequence looks like this -

I am a little unsure about the Pomegranate. Does it look maybe just a little heavy? But it does balance the dark of the Indigo on the other side, and adds a certain richness.

What about Raspberry instead? (Although I've never seen a pink raspberry....) So I take out the Pomegranate, and put Raspberry in instead. Now the sequence looks lighter and brighter, without a doubt.

But I'm not sure. Is it out of balance now? Is it better with the depth of the Pomegranate? - does it look more 'Rowan' that way?

What do you think? I've put a poll in the sidebar!

Also, I'd really appreciate any thoughts that you might have on this.

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