Friday, 26 March 2010

Saturday again

I've been mainly knitting socks, the last few days - I've turned the heel on the second Firestarter, and I'm working my way up the heel flap. These are interesting, but not relaxing to knit.

On Wednesday evening I had a CT scan. I was initially surprised to learn that my appointment was after 6pm, but of course it is sensible for the hospital to make as much use as possible of these machines. It does make for a long day though - we were pretty tired by the time we got home.

I've not had one of these scans before, so it was quite interesting. For the scan I was having, I had to drink about a litre and a half of aniseed-flavoured drink which had an x-ray dye in it - one cup every fifteen minutes for an hour and a half. There were several of us all sitting around in the waiting room - which actually has comfortable chairs! - each with a cup and a bottle of this drink in various stages of consumption - lots of chatting, all very relaxed.

The scan itself is very quick. I had expected a nice comfy lie-down for a little while, whilst the thing went to and fro - no chance. There was a bit of setting up and so forth, which does some minutes, but the scan itself only took seconds.

I continue to be very impressed with this hospital. They aren't expecting to find anything untoward with this scan, it is really just for completeness - just in case.

One piece of very good news - I have a date for the surgery! I'd been told April, or possibly May, and I had been getting worried in case the letter had gone astray in the post. So yesterday I actually called the booking co-ordinator at the hospital, and she told me that she'd been just about to ring me - could I come in on Wednesday April 21? Oh yes, I definitely could.

That's less than 4 weeks away. I should only be in overnight, and after that things can (hopefully) start to return to normal, and I will be finished with everything at the hospital apart from the Pain Clinic.

We are still playing around with the medication. I do not want to stay with the one I'm on at the moment, I am finding it hard to live with the side effects - the most immediate of which is weight gain. I am told it is due to fluid retention, and it will go away when I stop taking this stuff, but even so, it is still incredibly annoying when you can't get your shoes on.

And also, infections. Strangely, this stuff makes one prone to catching every bug that's going round. Because of one particular bug I'm on antibiotics at the moment, most annoying. I certainly don't want this, long term. So we are reducing the dose, slowly. And then we'll see what we can do after that.

I am actually seeing a bit of improvement at the moment. Is this due to the acupuncture on Tuesday? I don't know. But it will be interesting seeing what happens after the next session. I very much want to find a non-pharmaceutical solution to this situation - or at least, a solution that uses a minimal amount of drugs. I've got my TENS, and that helps - if acupuncture turns out to be part of the solution, then that's good too.

In the meantime, on with the socks.

And - oops - I still haven't finished sewing up Nissa. Must get on with that!

PS - Spot the (not) deliberate mistake in this post! Another side effect of this med is confusion, and memory problems. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

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Terdotty on Rav (Terri) said...

I've been reading your blog and clearly you are really having a tough time of it medically speaking. Just wanted to send my best wishes x