Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Revenons a nos moutons

I've got no idea whether that expression is actually used in French.

Yesterday evening I spent a while working out exactly how to make this little gem in 4ply yarn instead of DK.

This is Regia design 6523, and you'll find it in Regia magazine 112. I ordered a copy from English Yarns - I think Sunday evening? - and it arrived yesterday morning. (I've always had stellar service from that company, by the way.)

So, this pattern is written for Regia 6ply. I like the Fire colourway, as illustrated, but it was discontinued a little while back and has become very hard to find. However, I do have a whole stack of the Fire colourway in the 4ply, bought at a knockdown price from Kemps earlier in the year - I believe it was £1.20 a ball.

There are only three sizes given in this pattern - I might well get away with the M, as garter stitch is extremely stretchy, but the L would probably be more flattering. But that's a bit moot, because as I said, the yarn is not to be found, and I can't do my usual trick of using a finer yarn and following the directions for a larger size. Plus the domino knitted front adds a few twists to the thing, with regard to stitch counts and tension and sizing.

So I had to sit down and actually work it all out. I think I've got it right now. My pattern has an assortment of notes written in the margin - in pencil - and with luck I will still remember what they all mean, by the time I come to actually knit it up. I shall, if all goes to plan, end up with a garment sized between M and L, which ought to be just right.

The other thing in that magazine that has unexpectedly caught my attention is this -

- Design 6522, Socks with Front Insert in Patch Technique.

I am a complete sucker for unusual sock constructions, and this one isn't actually complicated, but I have a strong suspicion that it will be more than a little fiddly.

My husband, for some unaccountable reason, has turned down my offer to knit him a pair. Can't imagine why.....


Kate said...

Those socks are fantastic. Definitely fiddly; I guess they involve picking up stitches a fair bit. :-/

Pixie said...

Wow that is some pair of socks, good luck with changing the yarn and your working out.. will be watching with interest to see how it turns out.

Like the idea of your trick, using a finer yarn following a larger size, so many USA patterns are in Aran, would that work if I used DK weight?

Will have to try I guess.. ;)