Thursday, 18 March 2010

Out of it .....

Currently wondering what day it is....

We increased the dose of one of my meds - yesterday? - hopefully no more increases for a bit. It is really knocking me out. I am sleeping a lot. Last night, 9 hours - 11pm through to 8am. It was very difficult to wake up, took me ages to hear the alarm, which I wouldn't have set if we hadn't needed to call the plumber.

And then I slept another 5 hours this afternoon - 5 hours! - from 3pm through to 8pm. It is 10pm now, and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I hope this doesn't last. The current drug combination is giving me a good degree of pain relief, but if I am asleep all the time, then quality of life becomes a bit debatable.

Anyway, I haven't been doing much, due to not being awake.

I did find my little felted slippers, though. I made these back in 2007 and I did not photograph them at the time - it was 2007, but before I started blogging, so thats January through to March 2007. Goodness, that's nearly 3 years of blogging, now. I hadn't thought about that. And it was also back in the dark ages of pre-Ravelry, so there is zero chance of my remembering much else about them.

Anyway, the felted slippers. The pattern is from Fiber Trends, by Bev Galeskas. I do remember that I used Cascade 220, and that's about all.

They are a very good fit, though. I like them.

I mentioned calling the plumber. The boiler had decided not to work, which was most annoying. We had hot water, thanks to the immersion heater, but no heating. It is a good thing that the weather wasn't too chilly, and that we have plenty of wool sweaters and socks. The plumber did actually turn up today, and the boiler is now working again. This is good. The bill will not be, when it arrives.

I don't think I mentioned that my current 'thing' is sprouting seeds. Gardening manque, if you will, because despite the recent sunshine (I actually got a little sunburnt over the last couple of days, unbelievably) - despite the recent sunshine, the air and the ground are still very cold. (Please imagine an acute accent over the e in manque, at the beginning of that last long sentence. I cannot make it work onscreen. Sigh.)

Anyway. We've got one of those little tiered plastic sprouters from the garden centre, and I've been experimenting. Small seeds like alfalfa work better in a glass jar, but bigger things work beautifully in the sprouter.

This is today's harvest, a mixture of mung beans and adzuki beans, drying in the sunshine.

They are delicious.

Now, knitting.

I have finished all the pieces of Nissa, and I'm currently setting in the second sleeve. Kidsilk Aura makes a beautiful fabric, but it is like trying to seam cobwebs, so soft and fluffy that it is easy to make a mistake. So I am going slowly and carefully.

Still ticking away at the Earth Stripe Curtain. Slowly.

And that's about it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go to sleep.....


Joan said...

Sweet dreams, Fiona! One tends to discount just how fatiguing chronic pain can be. You are probably chipping away at the major sleep deficit you have accrued over the last few months. I hope you find the right dosage soon!

Linda said...

Oh dear, poor you. The little slippers are lovely.