Monday, 29 March 2010


Some time between yesterday lunchtime and this morning, some nasty person broke into our car.

They turned everything out of the glove compartment and the centre console compartment, and stole our little satnav.

They also left the car door standing open, so that the interior light stayed on, and the battery ran down, and the car wouldn't start this morning. Our car is a Prius, so jump-starting wasn't an option, and we had to call the RAC.

We've reported the theft to the police, and they say they might send someone round if they have time.

Too cross for words, at the moment. Not with the police, don't get me wrong, I quite understand that this is very low priority and they have limited resources.

Not really cross because we lost the satnav, it was becoming something of a standing joke anyway. It kept making declarations that we had to make a u-turn in the middle of a motorway, and other similarly helpful comments.

I'm cross with the thief, and I think it is mainly because of the invasion of privacy. I know this was very minor in the scale of things. But even so.

Could be worse, though. They could have taken my driving glasses, then I'd really be stuck.

I'll talk about knitting when I've cooled off a bit......


Kate said...

There are no words to describe people who do this sort of thing. Well, there are, but I don't think you'd want them on your blog. And I understand that it's low priority, too, but that's why people do this sort of thing: they know they won't get caught.

Anonymous said...

Worth checking with whichever of your neighbours is nearest to where you park your car as they would probably have heard something when the window got smashed.