Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday already....

So, it looks like Pomegranate is the one!

I'll leave the poll up over the weekend, and we'll see if things change at all.

I thought it might be interesting to also show the original colour combination, the one that Louisa Harding used when the pattern was originally published in Rowan 12. The re-coloured version in Rowan's Greatest Kits is effectively the same, there is a wide choice of colours in Pure Wool DK and they were able to replicate the original colour choice.

So - original colours - (too strong for me, overall) - Avocado, Port, Indigo, Damson, Marine, Pomegranate.

And here is my choice of colours - Avocado, Indigo, Cypress, Marine, Pomegranate, Ultramarine.

Or alternatively with Raspberry instead of Pomegranate -

(But I'm finding myself less and less keen on this variation, and I think I will probably go with the Pomegranate.)

I was after a blue-green based palette, with a quieter feel to it, and I think I've got that. The two darkest colours, Port and Damson, are out, and in their place I've put Cypress and Ultramarine. Hopefully the mood is not too different - quieter and cooler, but still with a good 'Rowan' feel.

I've rearranged the colours a bit, to end up with the sleeves and collar in my preferred choice of colours. Colours 3 and 4 are the sleeves, colours 1 and 6 are the cuffs and the collar.

I am grateful for comments on this - colour choice is a personal thing, of course, but sometimes you can't see what is right in front of you, if you know what I mean.

Now, knitting.

I haven't been doing much, mostly because this has not been an easy week physically, and needlepoint seems more of a distraction than knitting - that is, a distraction from the current discomfort.

This, I think, is because knitting is very much automatic for me - I really don't have to think about it at all, except when I'm working cables or colourwork. So it doesn't necessarily take my mind away from the current situation.

And needlepoint is not mindless at all. I do need to focus on it, on the placing of each stitch - and whilst I'm focussing on this, I'm not focussing on the pain.

I have finished one of the Firestarter socks - cables and twisted stitches, you see - but it hasn't got a very tall cuff, because I got fed up with the ribbing. And now I think about it, I can see why. Ribbing is mindless, even with twisted stitches.

I haven't even picked up Nissa, or Merry.

And it occurs to me now that I haven't mentioned Merry on here at all.

I wasn't feeling the love for the fabric of Pyrenees. It was beautiful to look at, soft, drapy - but a bit more open than I liked, at 18 sts to 4". I swatched with the Wool Tweed at 21 sts to 4", and what an improvement! Still soft and drapy, but with almost a felted appearance to it - I was reminded of Felted Tweed. Anyway - it was better.

And then I remembered Merry from Kim Hargreaves' most recent book, Winter Blooms. That is written for Kid Classic - usually worked at 18 sts to 4" - used here at the closer gauge of 21 sts to 4". The pullover is a 'Very Sloppy Joe', according to Kim - a wide, boxy shape, very eighties.

In other words, just what I needed. So I'm making Merry instead, or rather, I will be.


Red Dragon said...

Would you consider changing one of the blues - maybe the ultramarine - for a slightly blue grey...? I do like your choices but I slightly have trouble with the mostly blue + other colours issue - but it's personal choice so feel free to ignore, of course!

Fiona said...

Mmmm that is an interesting thought!

I put the Ultramarine in place of Damson, basically a violet/blue in place of the strong purple. Cypress is soft blue/green, instead of the deep red/purple Port - Indigo is, well, indigo, quite a dark indigo - Marine is quite a strong mid-blue.

So a grey/blue is definitely something to consider, instead of one of the blues I've got there. I'll go and get my old shade card out, and look online, and see if there is anything that will fit!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I was wondering if you were tempted to swap the red shade for a soft grey tone.

Originally, I thought you'd go for many shades of grey and was surprised by the colourful choice you'd made.

It will be fascinating to watch the progress.

And YAY for Merry!