Monday, 22 March 2010


Just ordinary things today.

Housework, ironing, laundry, cooking. A bit of knitting too - I am still plugging away at the Earth Stripe Curtain. (I must put up a picture of this - it is really very pretty.) And I still haven't finished seaming Nissa, which is very remiss of me.

I do seem to be going through a good patch at the moment, and this is very nice. Not sure why it has happened, or even if there is a reason - but I am definitely enjoying it while it lasts.

I have been working on some non-pharmaceutical angles. I do need to take responsibility for this condition - it is not just a case of going along to the hospital and saying - 'I hurt, make me better please.' I need to do what I can for myself.

So since the middle of last week I've making sure that I have a session of complete relaxation every day. An old friend is a Harley Street consultant hypnotherapist, and he has been kind enough to make a CD for me - half an hour of really good relaxation, with lots of other helpful stuff as well. It is just excellent, and I feel so good after each session, rested and very positive.

I've been using some NLP techniques as well, specifically visualisation for healing, and the swish technique. Some people find this easy - some people not so much. I am in the 'not so much' group at the moment, unfortunately. But the thing is, both of these can really be very helpful - so I'm setting aside some time to work on this several times a day. It isn't easy. But I am not going to give up. Practice makes perfect, or so I've heard.

I've also started using a little machine from Canada which is used to help chronic and intractable pain. It is a bit similar to TENS in that it uses tiny electrical impulses. It works through acupuncture points for rebalancing the body, and you completely cannot feel it. At least I cannot. You use it for no more than two sessions a day, each session is 20 minutes.

The first few days, I couldn't stay awake through a session. Literally couldn't keep my eyes open, and it didn't seem to be having any other effect at all. Now I find that after a session I am full of energy - so I am making sure to use it first thing in the morning! - and also, I have good pain relief.

Tomorrow, back to the Pain Clinic for my first session of acupuncture, followed by the knitting group.

All good stuff!

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Linda said...

I am glad it is a good day for you. Please do a photo of the earth stripe.