Friday, 12 March 2010

And there's more!

I'm enjoying this playing around with colours.

Just now, Red Dragon gave me the thought of changing in a grey/blue somewhere, perhaps in place of one of the blues, so that it didn't look quite so much like blue-plus-other-colours.

With this yarn, we're not exactly snowed under with choices when it comes to grey/blue - or indeed grey in general.

I can have Shale -
- or Anthracite.
Another thought - what about some more green? I still want Avocado to pop - but maybe change out Marine for a green? Indigo has some depth, and I'd like to keep that. And Ultramarine in real life is more violet than it looks on screen, I think - that's another keeper. But Marine is a straightforward mid-blue. What about a green instead?

Going back to my original choices - I take out Marine, and add in one of the greens.

With Parsley -

with Emerald -

- or with Glade.
And here's my original again -
I'm going to expand the poll, I think.

Please let me know if you think another combination or arrangement might look interesting!

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Joan said...

IMHO it looks more balanced with two greens. I'm not sure why I prefer the Parsley, since it looks so similar to your original green. This project is on my list of things to knit, but I'll be using Zitron Kokon in a neutral (ie boring) beige. I fell in love with Qommilfoo's version on Ravelry! Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!