Tuesday, 2 March 2010

....and there's more.

More rules thrown away, that is.

I decided quite a while ago that I needed to be more careful about having too many things on the needles. That particular 'rule' has been well and truly thrown to the winds, if you look at the sidebar. Two pullovers, one wrap/cardigan, and a Kidsilk Haze curtain which will end up eight and a half feet long - (it will, it will....!) And a pair of 'travel socks', which live in my handbag.

Over committed? Not the way I look at it.

The way I see it, is that I can pick up and knit whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. And wherever, as well - because these are in various places all around the house.

I refuse to feel guilty about any of it. Knitting is to be enjoyed - it is a tactile and visual pleasure, and it is also a meditative practice that I find helpful for distraction and relaxation.

So that's that.

Actually there's another pair of socks that isn't listed there yet, because I have cast on for a pair of Firestarters. I've wanted to make this pattern since I first saw it, I've had the yarn set aside for ages (Opal Handpaints in Midsummer Night) and I had even put the needle (long 2.5mm circ for Magic Looping) ready and waiting with the yarn and pattern. (Because I can be organised if I try, you know.)

And quite late yesterday evening, I just felt like getting on with it, because sleep wasn't going to happen just yet. So I picked up all these bits and pieces and cast on. I haven't finished the toe of the first sock yet, but I'll get there. Maybe I'll work on it a bit more this evening, if I find that I'm wakeful again.

Something else that merits a mention at this point is the 10 for 2010 challenge, which has been running in the Rowan Tree group over on Ravelry. I joined, and I chose as my challenge to try to knit 10 all-Rowan projects this year. That's Rowan yarn, and Rowan pattern as well - and that is a good challenge for me. I've got a stack of projects that fit the bill waiting in my queue, and a bit of motivation seemed like a good idea.

Well, I am just not going to worry about it, not in the slightest.

If I happen to manage 10 Rowan projects, all well and good. But I am not going to knock myself out over it, and if I happen to feel like knitting something else instead - well, that's just what I'll do.

And - you know - it feels good to let go of 'I should' and 'I ought to'.

Sun Tzu said, 'Choose your battles wisely' - and he was quite right. When energy and resources are limited, they should not be wasted on unimportant things.

Self imposed rules can be useful - or they can be completely meaningless. 'Should' and 'ought to' can in reality mean being overly hard on oneself.

None of us need that.

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