Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Actual visible knitting

It is still pouring with rain, but the sun is coming out from time to time, so I've been able to get some pictures.

The Firestarters were finished a few days ago. They haven't had the encounter with the steam iron that does for blocking in this house, I've just put the sock blockers inside them. This is because I am lazy, in case you hadn't noticed before.

Knitting these socks was all about the lovely little details, and the pattern fits together so beautifully that it is very pleasing indeed.

Look, for instance at the way the cable along the side of the leg melts into the ribbing....

Hard to improve on that, really.

And the gusset. Words very nearly fail me when it comes to the gusset.

(And that last sentence could be really misleading if quoted out of context. But you are all knitters. Hopefully.)

That is the beginning of the gusset. And here is the top of the gusset - the prime place for a hole in the fabric. Just look at how Yarnissima deals with it ....

Those little twisted stitches just close it right up so neatly, with a cable twist in exactly the right place. (This is so clever that I am tempted to break into multiple exclamation marks. But I am exercising restraint.)

Anyway. These socks were knitted using 2.5mm dpns, the yarn is Opal Handpaints Sock Yarn in a colourway that I believe is called Midsummer Night, and the pattern is a free Ravelry download - you'll find the link here.

Next - Dusk. I started this on Monday, and I am loving the Felted Tweed. So soft in the hands, and such a beautiful fabric coming off the needles.

This is another example of 'Use The Good Stuff'.

I've been planning this project for so long, it is almost a disappointment to see it on the needles. And that probably sounds extremely odd. What I mean - it is nice to have things to look forward to. And now that it is on the needles, I haven't got it to look forward to any more.

Totally daft really. But maybe you understand.

(The next thing, of course, will be that I am not wanting to finish it. Because I want to carry on knitting it.)

Finally, the Earth Stripe Curtain.

Progress here has been slow - of necessity, really, with more than 300 stitches of Kidsilk Haze on a 4mm needle.

I've started using a yarn bowl, as you can see. It is one of those pottery bowls that you used to be able to get at the supermarket delicatessen for free, if you happened to buy the last bit of pate in the bowl. Do they do that any more, I wonder? Anyway, the bowl used to be used for things like bean salad, because I liked the bright yellow on the table. The glaze on the inside has crazed with repeated washing, and I am not happy using it for food any longer. But it works very well as a yarn bowl.

And I still like the colour.

This has a subtle sparkle to it, because Port, the dark red, and Bronze, the golden colour,are both Kidsilk Night. The rest of the colours are Kidsilk Haze.

It is a joy to knit. It is just that there is rather a lot of it. I have now worked more than half of the coloured stripe section - after that, the lace.

With regard to Nissa -I still haven't finished seaming. I keep getting distracted. (Dishcloths. They are addictive. And useful, of course. I must move that workbag off the dining table and hide it somewhere. )


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh yes, the satisfaction in clever sock construction - especially where the leg pattern meets the gusset!

Its my first visit here - it won't be my last as it looks like you're up to all sorts of interesting stuff (and I'm also familiar with that sense of mourning the loss of anticipation - even if its to the beginning of that which was anticipated!)

Linda said...

Oh I love the earth stripes, I can imagine it feels so lovely and soft. I might make one one day!

Helen said...

I understand entirely about being disappointed to actually have something on the needles - I have some grey Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran which I have been rubbing my hands over for so long that it will never be able to live up to my expectations. But Dusk will be lovely, and you've got my mind wandering to all the FT that I've been saving up too...

Helen said...

I've got two lots of Felted Tweed (pink and purple) that I'm dying to use but can't quite bring myself to, so I know exactly where you're coming from!

Bizarrely I also have some grey Matchmaker Aran, like the other Helen who's commented...

The KSH curtain is looking lovely :)