Monday, 15 February 2010

Weekend knitting

Bits and pieces, really - but interesting nevertheless, I think.

I grafted the Double Wrap Cowl after 44" of knitting. I am still loving this lifeline provisional cast-on.

Not only is it very satisfying to unzip the crochet chain all the way across in one go - don't ask me why, but it is - but it is also very reassuring (for me, at least) that all the stitches are sitting there on the lifeline, and you would really have to try quite hard to lose any of them.

Quite the opposite of the usual provisional cast-on.

Anyway - the idea of this cowl is to put in a half-twist before grafting, so that it forms a Mobius loop.

Just like that.

This makes it beautifully wrappy, and I like it a lot. One thing to note - made in Rowan Polar like this, it is seriously warm. This is for when it is snowing and freezing and blowing a gale - not for when it is mildly chilly.

Pattern here, by the way. It's a free download, and I can recommend it.

Other knitting during the weekend - well, I have been sidetracked yet again. This time it is by a rather amazing new sock pattern on Knitty, called Skew. I just could not resist that heel construction. If you haven't seen this yet - do have a look. It is quite surprising.

This was the state of play just before the 'origami moment' where the heel is grafted. Alas, it no longer looks like this, because there has been frogging.

An inch or so after the heel, I tried it on again. I always try on socks in progress, and this one had seemed to be fine - but it can be hard to tell, with unusual construction methods. Unfortunately, at this point it was crystal clear that the sock was not deep enough through the instep - in fact I had great difficulty getting it over my heel.

So I am currently working out how to add more depth at that point, and it is not entirely straightforward, as you can probably guess from looking at the pattern picture.

Nevertheless, I have confidence that I shall manage this - in fact, I've already pulled back to well before the heel, and started working it up again - and with luck you'll be able to see my new version in the next post.

With even more luck, it will fit.

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