Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Things unfinished....

So far this month, I haven't finished a single project. This is because I'm still ticking along with four separate things - or rather, three, because Pyrenees seems to be hiding at the bottom of the knitting bag recently.

The grey socks are still continuing, and I'm nearly at the heel of the second sock.

The Double Wrap Cowl is nearly finished, just thirty rows to go. The current cold snap may motivate me to get on with it. (Or not.)

But the thing that is taking all my time at the moment is the Earth Stripe Curtain. It is so soft and lovely, and the subtle colours are so beautiful, that I don't want to put it down. It is still slow going of course, with more than 300 stitches of Kidsilk Haze on the needle it could hardly be otherwise, but if I only think about the striped section, then it doesn't seem so impossible. And on that basis, I'm at the 10% mark, or thereabouts. 18 rows done - 166 left, out of 184 total.

The lace section, which comprises the major part of the curtain, is another thing entirely. And I'm not going to even think about it just yet. If I do finish something in February, then it certainly isn't going to be this.

I've also been thinking about my personal target this year - 10 all-Rowan projects. So far I've only managed two - my Lottie Hat (which is getting worn a lot, I can recommend this pattern) and Chamonix. Pyrenees will be number three - and what about the other seven things?

Not a lot of use making massive lists, really - I never keep to them. But I can think about what I want to make next, after Pyrenees is finished. Which it will be, eventually.

Snapdragon is a distinct possibility - I'm feeling very drawn to that at the moment - but I know that I'll only feel like knitting this if the weather has warmed up a bit.

If it is still freezing, then maybe the Bressay Hap Shawl, or Anice, for which I would use my Rowan International free gift for this year, 6 balls of Rowan Pure Wool 4ply. But I'm also thinking about Sarah Hatton's Flared Cardigan, from Studio 8, or Rye, which is a fisherman's rib cardigan worked in Tapestry, or even Cellini, from Rowan 44.

Difficult decision. But I think that in the end, it will be Sarah Dallas' Wrap Cardigan.

Mainly because I want to look like this when I grow up.

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