Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sparkly (and not...)

Time for some progress pictures, I believe.

So, here is the Earth Stripe Curtain this morning. I am still loving it.

The main colour, Bronze, is in Kidsilk Night, which is sparkly - and the deep maroon/red which you can see there is Port, also in Kidsilk Night.

It turns out that sparkly = hard to photograph. Never mind.

Did I mention that I am going to be able to knit this whole curtain without weaving in a single end?

None. Not even one.

Good, yes?

Not that weaving in ends as you go is anything difficult. But no ends at all just has to be better!

This is because I am using Techknitter's absolutely brilliant Back Join. This doesn't sound very intuitive when you read about it, but actually it is incredibly easy. Like many excellent little tricks in knitting, this is one of those things that is obvious once someone has pointed it out.

No ends to weave in here, either, but in this case it's because I've used a felted join throughout.

However because this is nearly finished, The Grafting is looming just a little way ahead. I don't exactly love grafting ribbing.....

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picperfic said...

love that kidsilk knitting and thanks for the joining link, itis so clever!