Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Really Useful Thing

Capital letters there, please note. There is something that I'd like to tell you about.

But first - I've not exactly been zooming along with any of my knitting projects over the last few days, because I've been alternating between four things, with the predictable result that none of them show any real progress.

Pyrenees is still not up to the armhole shaping.

The grey socks for myself - actually there is a bit of visible progress there, because I've finished the first sock. My aim with these socks has been to arrive at a pattern for the best fit I can arrive at, in much the same way as I've already done for my husband.

So far - worked top down, with a picot hem, and a provisional cast-on in the round. (Still my favourite treatment of sock tops.) An oldfashioned heel flap, worked in heel stitch, with a round heel turn that I am still playing around with - only fine details, though. And finally a graduated pointed toe, finished with what Estonian knitters call 'heart of a blossom', according to Nancy Bush - this is simply taking the yarn through the remaining stitches, and pulling firm.

The Earth Stripe Curtain. Ah yes. Four rows so far - only 180 to go in the striped section. And then the lace starts..... don't hold your breath.

And last but not least, the thing I'm spending most of my time on - the Double Wrap Cowl, because I want to wear it. This is, as always, very motivating. The pattern is here, by the way, and it is a free download. (Some lovely things elsewhere on that website, don't say I didn't warn you.....)

And finally, the Really Useful Thing.

You'll find it here.

This is a free online knitting chart generator, and even I can manage to make it work.

And right now I am going to use it to draw up a chart for the lace section of the Earth Stripe Curtain, so that when/if I get there, I won't have to carry the magazine around all the time. Much better that my usual little pieces of paper with cryptic notes on them.

Clever stuff, yes?


Heather said...

The chart generator looks very interesting, thanks for the link. I can see many happy hours of playing in my future :-)

Linda said...

Thank you so much for linking ti that! It will be a great help for me!