Sunday, 28 February 2010

Odd socks

I must be getting absent minded. I've finished not just one, but two pairs of socks, and completely failed to mention either of them.

So here they are.

First, because they are interesting (I think so, at any rate) - my Skew socks.

Pattern is here. The yarn is Regia Galaxy, but I cannot remember which colourway. Needles used were 2.25mm and 2.5mm dpns, of which more anon.

These were great fun to knit, especially the second sock. This is because the right and left socks are worked exactly the same apart from the heel shaping, and the gusset decrease. This is very counter-intuitive - at least it was for me.

The toes are anatomically shaped in a very pleasing way, and they fit very neatly.

I'm not even going to attempt to photograph the lovely swirl of the heel shaping - you can see this in the pattern, photographed much better than I could ever hope to achieve. Suffice it to say, this is why I wanted to make these socks - I wanted to see how it was done!

And indeed it is very clever. Follow along, and it all works out very neatly indeed.

Initially I thought that I wasn't going to be able to wear these, because once I was past the heel of the first sock, I discovered that I couldn't get the sock on. I have quite a high instep, which means that I often have this problem with non-standard heels.

So I tried a whole assortment of different things in order to make these wearable - expanding the gusset, moving the location of the gusset, both these things together - none of them were really successful.

In the end, the simplest possible fix was the one that worked. When I reached the Inner Ankle shaping, I changed up from 2.25mm needles to 2.5mm. I went back to 2.25mm again, a few rounds after the Heel Joining round - I think 4 rounds, if memory serves.

And it worked very nicely. I have a comfortable pair of socks here.

One other thing worthy of mention is that I worked these socks on dpns, despite the designer's warning against attempting this, and had no problems at all.

My other finished pair of socks is the gray pair that I made for myself.

I think I've arrived at my optimal sock pattern, with these. At the top there is a picot hem, worked with a provisional cast-on in the round. The heel is a standard heel flap construction, with a round heel turn. The toe shaping is a graduated pointed toe. This fits me really well, and I shall be making more like this.

The yarn is Regia Antik Patch, again I cannot remember the colourway. And I used 2.25mm dpns.

And now I shall go and work some more on one of the pullovers which are currently on the needles.

Or maybe the curtain, which is probably going to take me approximately forever to finish....


Helen said...

I love the Skew Socks pattern so much, and that yarn's a very good choice: they look terrific. Interesting about the dpns too.

Linda said...

They are great. I have a high instep too and thought that I couldn't wear toe up socks until I came across Wendys Toe up book. Great heels, and I can even find one that doesn't have short rows and fits!