Saturday, 6 February 2010

Just for a change.....

I spent a large part of this morning on the boat, sitting in the front well knitting a sock, reading a library book, and with a cup of good coffee from the thermos at my side. The sun was shining, and out of the wind it was warm and pleasant. The gulls were wheeling overhead, the water was rippling in the breeze - it was just about perfect. I should have taken my camera, really.

My husband, however, was in the engine room doing something obscure and oily.

I can't help thinking that I had the better part of the arrangement.

Other nice things that have happened today - my new Rowan shade card arrived. There is a new format - all the summer yarns are on a single fold-out card. I like this very much - nothing can get mislaid, and it is still easy to file.

Also, Studio 18 arrived, together with the new Revive Collection.

I've been waiting for Studio 18 with great anticipation, there are some very interesting and wearable garments in there. I have queued no less than three of them, and I have been very restrained in that respect, believe me. I think that Grace Melville is a breath of fresh air with regard to design ideas.

The Revive Collection is rather nice, too. I've queued a couple of things, but I won't be buying any Revive to make them - it does look lovely, but I have yarn in the stash that will work beautifully for these designs. (Rowan Damask bought at a knock-down price last year.)

Ah, the joys of stash.....

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Linda said...

I will look at that studio issue. I haven't ever really found one with anything in it that I would wear.