Saturday, 27 February 2010

Ham roll

Actually, a ham and a roll.

It occurs to me that I've never mentioned these. I bought them a year or so back, and now I can't imagine how I coped without them. These two things have become indispensable when finishing garments - and, indeed, when doing the ironing, to a certain extent (ok, to a much lesser extent, because I am lazy.)

I present to you my tailor's ham.

About the size and shape of a small ham - one wide end, one narrower end - and stuffed really firmly with sawdust, this is what you need for seams with any sort of curve in them. Shoulder seams, set in sleeve seams - this gives you a firm curved surface for your steaming, or ironing, or what you will.

And the other essential is my sleeve roll.

This is self explanatory, really. It is also very firmly stuffed with sawdust. You put it inside the sleeve you are dealing with, and then you can steam (or iron) the seam without doing anything you'll later wish you hadn't, to the other side of the sleeve.

Not that I'm knitting any sleeves just at the moment. It is still curtain curtain curtain all the way.

And the beginnings of a couple of as yet unblogged pullovers as well.......

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Linda said...

I wondered why you would be blogging about a ham roll!! Look forward to seeing the new sweater.