Friday, 14 January 2011

Finished in 2010

Finished in 2010 - 28 projects.

9 sweaters -
4 hats -
1 cowl -
1 scarf -
2 wraps -
7 pairs of socks -
1 small thing in which I now keep my iPod headphones -
A stack of dishcloths -
The cycle helmet thingies for my son -
And finally a project which should be in one of the main categories, but as I can't talk about it until the book is published, it must remain - for the time being -

That's not too bad a total really, considering that 2010 has seen a new puppy in the household - gorgeous, but very time consuming - not to mention knitting consuming, or at least attempting same - and the (very tedious) ongoing health issues.

I can't say that either 2008 or 2009 was a good year overall, there were some very bad happenings in our lives during those years - not so for 2010, there was a distinct improvement.

So here we go with 2011, hoping for an even better year!

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