Saturday, 2 January 2010

A post that is not named after the day of the week. (Just for a change.)

I've finished knitting Earnshaw, including the hood, and (thank goodness) there was enough yarn. Now I have to seam the thing, and that will require some care, because Noro Kochoran is soft and fluffy-ish and will pull apart if I am not careful with it.

I know, I could use a different yarn for the seaming. But I've never actually needed to before - not yet, anyway - and I am sure I will manage. After all, if it will hold together for knitting, it ought to hold together for seaming. With care.

It sheds a lot, too - I don't think I've mentioned that before. I mean, really a lot. But anyway, the seaming will have to wait a bit.

This is because at the moment, my main project is my mother-in-law's next pair of socks. (Wildfoote Sock Yarn, from Brown Sheep, in SY-o6 Forget-me-not, which is a sort of tweedy blue, and quite pretty.) We want to go up and visit them quite soon, so I need to get my skates on here and get the things finished. This means, incidentally, that I am about to discover exactly how fast I can knit a sock, albeit a non-standard extra-wide sock. I've just finished the ribbing on the first sock, so really I've hardly got started yet.

Chamonix will have to wait, unfortunately. As must Yvonne, and the Oliver socks.

By the way - if, in the future, I should ever drop any sort of hint that I'm going to make a pair of men's socks in 2x2 ribbing again - especially if fine needles are mentioned in the same breath - remind me not to. It just takes too long.

With regard to my 10 for 2010, I am wondering if I have overcommitted just a bit. I rashly said that I wanted to make 10 'Pure Rowan' projects - that's using both Rowan pattern and Rowan yarn, and I'm getting worried already that I won't manage it.

Now, I can see what the first few will be. Chamonix is in progress, so that's the first one. And I plan to make Pyrenees after that. (Why can I never spell Pyrenees correctly the first time I try? I seem to have a blind spot regarding the appropriate number of r's and n's....) Also, somewhere along the line I am going to make myself a Lottie hat with some grey Polar.

But after that - well, I have no idea.

I just know I'd feel better about this if I made a list.

No. Exercise restraint. Must knit socks instead......

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