Thursday, 7 January 2010

Not quite Narnia

Well, we've certainly got snow now. And even more ice.

This morning, when I went into the conservatory, there were some quite spectacular icicles ouside, and also there were beautiful frost flowers on all the windows. Just lovely. Except - the frost flowers were on the inside of the (yes, double glazed) windows as well as the outside.

And another thing.

Here are the roses that my sister brought the other day, on the table in the conservatory. The water in the vase is frozen solid. Not just a skim of ice across the top - solid.

I don't recommend this.

We don't usually heat the conservatory at all in the winter - when it gets too chilly for comfort, we retreat into the main house and shut the doors. But it isn't usually as cold as this, so we've finally admitted defeat and put the heater on the frost setting.

You can see Earnshaw sitting on the table there in the background. I still haven't seamed it, which is daft, because this is just the right weather for wearing something like that. However, it doesn't look as if we'll be seeing any sort of thaw in the near future, so I am sure I will manage to wear it soon.

I have, however, finished the Wildfoote Forget-me-not Socks for my mother-in-law.

They were finished on Tuesday evening, so that took three days from start to finish. And this is the first thing I've actually finished this year.

I'm working on the Oliver socks at the moment.

To tell the truth, I am quite ready to see these off the needles. The pattern is interesting, but the yarn is not, and this project has been hanging around for far too long, it feels like. I ought to get these finished this evening, and then I will get on with Chamonix. And I'll probably cast on for some more socks, too, but I'm not quite sure yet exactly what.

With the weather as cold as this, we are checking the boat every day to make sure that all is well - no leaks or frozen pipes. The ice in the marina is actually quite thick - in places it is about six inches.

We are still walking every day, despite the cold and the ice underfoot, and we are enjoying it. Today we stopped and looked over the aqueduct where the canal crosses over the River Biss - and we saw a kingfisher, just this flash of electric blue - across the water - and then again.

Of course, I didn't get a picture.

And then we saw a red kite, twice. Or maybe it was two different red kites, one after the other. I didn't get a picture of that, either.

Must try harder......


Helen said...

The roses don't seem to mind having their feet in the ice, do they? I suppose they might be encased in it if they were outdoors. I leave my heat on all night, very low, so that the flat doesn't take forever to heat up in the morning - which is probably why the mice are so fond of me, lovely warm copper pipes to snuggle up to. I hope the boat's OK.

PaulaRed said...

hmm, not quite Wisconsin, but its looking promising...enjoy the winter!

BB said...

Not quite as cold as you are, here in NJ, but I'm wearing wool socks today!
Stay warm.

Linda said...

Oh its so cold isn't it. Woolly socks I find are the best.