Tuesday, 5 January 2010


My goodness, but it's cold. No snow, just ice - and that cold, cold wind. And such a beautiful sky this morning.....

I still haven't finished the extra-wide socks for my mother-in-law. This is day 3, and I think they should be all done by this evening.

I think that the thing I like best about Wildfoote sock yarn is the way that they leave the end from the middle of the skein so that you can actually find it with no difficulty at all. And of course I can't show you the skein before I started knitting on it, because, well, because I've started already.


We are still missing Lucy, very much. It feels as if I am waiting for something - there have been occasions when we've been here without her, but only a few times. When she was kept overnight at the vet's, for instance. When she was at the kennels, just before we went on holiday abroad.

But we have decided that there is one thing we can do that is very positive. We can walk.

During her last couple of months, Lucy was unwell for a lot of the time with repeated chest infections, and she found walking any distance just too much to cope with. She wouldn't complain - she never did - but she'd be plodding along in a straight line with her head down instead of quartering the path ahead with her nose to the ground, looking for interesting scents. So we only went for little short walks - just 10 or 15 minutes - and we'd pick her up and head for home as soon as she'd had enough.

Now, we are walking for longer. And instead of walking with Lucy, we are walking together.

I'm grateful for woolly handknits in weather like this, I can tell you. They make such a difference.

Oh, and the Iro scarf that I made a couple of years ago now belongs to my husband. I've knitted him scarves before, but this one is wider and longer, and just what is needed right now.

As Helen says, this really is one of the nicest things about knitting.

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Linda said...

I have never tried the wijdefoot yarn, it looks nice from here. The walking sounds good, I am sure Lucy is with you in spirit.