Sunday, 31 January 2010


Finally it is finished - well actually I finished it a few days ago, I just haven't taken any photos until today.

I am very pleased with this.

So - this is Chamonix, from Rowan Classic Alpine, using Rowan Classic Cashmere Tweed in Pewter. I made size M, and added more than 6" of length as I am not a fan of cropped sweaters - at least, not when it is me wearing them. (The length given in the pattern for this size is just 18 1/2", so I'm sure you can see what I mean.)

Other than that, no changes at all. The only slightly tricky bit was getting a neat result with sewing down the turndown collar - the pattern suggests slip stitching it in place, but I didn't like the result. I have worked a modified graft, and it sits nicely and looks neat, I think.

I mentioned that I had started something else, and here it is.

This is the beginning of Pyrenees, also from Rowan Classic Alpine. This is a straightforward raglan pullover, and I am making it oversized and slouchy, with added length so as to be more like a tunic.

The yarn is Rowan Classic Wool Tweed which has been in clearance for a while now, but you'll still find it if you look. (Hint - McA Direct.) I am using Shetland 953, which is basically black with lots of multicoloured flecks.

It is aran weight, and has truly excellent yardage - 50 grams gives you 114 metres. (And I have no idea why McA Direct says it has 55 m, I promise you that is wrong.) Anyway, it makes a lovely fabric which is unexpectedly light in weight, and I am enjoying the knitting.

I have been debating whether it is sensible for me to join the 10 for 2010 challenge in the Rowan Tree group on Ravelry. The idea is that you set your own target - 10 'somethings' for 2010. Many people are saying 10 projects of any sort. At least one person is saying 10 shawls - I'm definitely not doing that! I had in mind to choose making 10 all-Rowan projects - that is, using both Rowan yarn and Rowan pattern. So far I have finished two such projects - Lottie, and now Chamonix, and Pyrenees would be the third.

In the end, it seems like cheating to only commit when I am sure I can achieve my target, so I might as well jump in. You'll see my Pure Rowan - 10 for 2010 in the sidebar when I've got my act together.

And talking of getting my act together - I have worked the first row on the Earth Stripe Curtain.

Just the first row.

I'm not rushing this. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)


Helen said...

Bravo. The longest journey starts with a single step :)

Chamonix is pretty stunning too.

BB said...

Chamonix is lovely.

Terdotty on Rav (Terri) said...

Love your chamonix, that colour is beautiful. Think we should have posed pics!

Linda said...

Chamonix is great, I love the collar.

Heather said...

Chamonix looks lovely - the neckline looks great.

Good luck with the curtain, first row is the hardest etc.