Monday, 11 January 2010

Busy doing nothing.....

Well, not quite.

I keep writing blog posts - or rather starting to write posts - and then not finishing them. Several knitting projects have been finished, though.

First of all, Earnshaw.

I love this. I finally finished the seaming on Saturday, and since then I have been wearing it for walking - it is much too warm for indoors, but just right for outdoors, over a thin underlayer.

The yarn is lovely - soft and beautiful - although it does shed. That's the angora, I suppose.

This pattern is from Jane Ellison's book Simply Noro, and it is extremely straightforward. This took a bit less than three weeks from start to finish, but the actual knitting was much faster than that.

I made size XS, which measures 48" around the chest, and I added a good bit of length, as I had an extra skein of the Kochoran available - so this used 10 skeins in all.

I have also finished the Oliver socks, finally.

My husband is entirely happy with these, and this really is a very clever pattern. You do need more than the usual amount of yarn, though - the pattern has contrast heels and toes, and these are not just there for decorative reasons, as I discovered.

It's a very well written pattern, and the fit is very good indeed.

I've also finished a couple of hats.

The first one was for me - Lottie, from Rowan magazine 30, in Rowan Polar. This takes just under one ball of yarn, and is a very quick knit on 8mm needles.

It is a very cute hat, and is currently my hat-of-choice for walking. Ear flaps, don't you know.

The other hat is a straightforward ribbed hat for my husband. Most of the knitted hats in the house seem to have mysteriously disappeared during the summer, as does tend to happen. So this was a simple, quick knit. 80 stitches on 5mm needles using bulky yarn bought from Lidl about a year ago, and then work 2x2 ribbing in the round until you can't stand it any longer, then decrease for the top. Done.

Except that I haven't yet taken a photo of the finished hat.......

And finally, I have cast on for a simple, basic pair of socks for myself. I can't remember when I last made a straightforward pair for myself, there has been a succession of Blue Moon sock club socks over recent months. I'm not joining the sock club for 2010, I think I've got enough to be getting on with already. (That could be a slight understatement, actually.)

Anyway. Socks for me, 64 stitches on 2.25mm dpns, Regia Antik Patch sock yarn.

Picot edge worked in the round there, from a provisional life-line cast-on - not forgetting the trick for ending up with the right number of stitches. It is easy, I promise. And my new trick is to work it with just one set of needles.

When you come to work the round where the hem is folded up and joined, pull the end of the cast-on so that your provisional stitches are all sitting on their lifeline. Then put the first 16 onto your spare dpn, and pull the lifeline out of them.

Now, wiggle the needles around so that the dpn with the provisional stitches is sitting behind needle 1 - and work k2tog across as usual, taking one stitch from each needle. How? - with needle 4. So that needle 4 ends up with 32 stitches on it. And after you've worked those 16 k2tog's, you've got not one spare dpn, but two.

So now it is easy. You put the next 16 stitches onto one of the spare dpns, and pull the lifeline out of them. Bring this dpn up so that it is sitting behind needle 2 - and work k2tog across as usual. And so on.....

No spare needles required, and that's always good.

And now I shall go and knit some more on the first sleeve of Chamonix, I think.


Violetstone said...

Wow, talk about busy. I'm very impressed I like the long jumper and the socks. Learning to knit socks is something I haven't had the nerve to tackle yet.

Linda said...

What a lovely bevvy of knits, the hat is great!