Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tuesday morning

Onward, as they say.

I've been knitting - in fact, I've been knitting rather a lot. I have a whole project which is now past the halfway mark, that I haven't even mentioned here, up til now.

This is Earnshaw, or part of it at least.

I had 10 skeins of Noro Kochoran in shade 31, which as you can see is a nice melange of greys, taupes, and naturals. I finally stopped debating other options and went back to my original idea, and I'm glad I did.

When I took this picture yesterday, I had finished the back and one sleeve and cast on for the front. Now, I'm past the armhole shaping and almost at the division for the front neck - this is certainly a quick knit. Not surprising, though, with 6mm needles and working at 4 stitches to the inch.

I have added some extra length. At the moment I am liking tunic-length sweaters worn with narrow jeans or thick leggings - very comfortable! - and the smallest size in this pattern works out at 27" in length. So I've added 4 1/2", and I hope that I have judged this correctly so that I don't run out of yarn. This size - and the next size up, as well - is supposed to take 9 skeins, and I started with 10. Hopefully I've added just about half a skein's worth of length to both the front and the back - no other changes.

Anyway I will soon find out. After I finish the front, I shall join the shoulders and work the hood. Then I will be able to weigh my remaining yarn against the finished sleeve that I've already worked, and see if there is enough.

One thing occurs to me - it is rare indeed for me to make size XS in anything at all. Most of the garments in this pattern book - Jane Ellison's Simply Noro - are intended as unisex patterns for garments intended to be worn over other things, and the sizing is very generous. Size XS, for example, has a finished chest measurement of 48".

I'm also trying to work on the Oliver socks, which still aren't finished. And I must cast on for another pair for my mother-in-law, who likes the blue ones I made for her and wears them 'all the time'. So another pair (or two) is definitely in order. We'll be going up to visit again sometime soon - my father-in-law is out of hospital now, by the way - and I hope to be able to take along at least one more finished pair.

Finally, I would just like to say thankyou - so many people have said such kind things. I think you know that Blogger doesn't give me the email addresses of people who leave comments, so writing personally in reply is not so easy. But I am grateful, really.

Lucy was a very pretty little dog with a lovely nature, and she never really grew up. Even in her last months people we met on walks would say, 'What a lovely puppy - how old is she?' - and be very surprised to hear that she was actually quite an old dog. She was small, you see, and always friendly and playful.

The snow has gone now, and her footprints are no longer to be seen in the garden.

And we are glad that we have so many happy memories of her time with us.

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