Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday afternoon

It is raining again, very grey outside today. And I am knitting something grey, and it is making me very happy.

This is Chamonix, worked in RYC Cashmere Tweed.

This is just so nice to knit. The yarn is soft and luscious and very light - the pattern, as you can see, is interesting but not really too complicated at all, although Rowan rate it as being 'for the more experienced knitter'. And as always with a cabled pattern, it is growing very fast.

I am making some changes. The pattern is for a cropped pullover, which is very wide. Now, I don't mind the width, but I am not keen on the length. So, I am making size M, to fit 36" to 38" bust - the finished measurement will be 44" around. This means that it will have a sensible amount of ease for me, without being too oversized.

The length, however, has to change. The extent of the 'cropped-ness' is clear in the photo above, which was taken at the point where the pattern says to start shaping the armhole. Er, no, I don't think so. I am going to add 2" at the very least, more if I have enough yarn.

Watch this space....

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