Monday, 14 December 2009

Monday afternoon

It has been a very busy weekend. And yes, the socks did fit my mother-in-law, and she is pleased with them. I shall be making some more for her.

I haven't done much more on Chamonix, but I am still working round and round with Yvonne. This is excellent travel knitting, although it is of course now growing rather slowly as the rounds get longer and longer. I am still on the first ball of yarn, and I am hoping that two balls will be enough to finish it.

Also I am wondering if I will be brave enough to wear this when it is finished. It is certainly bright and colourful. But is it too bright? I am not sure. My husband says it is lovely, and that of course I will wear it. He is usually right, I know.

Yesterday evening I cast on for something else, because somehow I felt in need of a project that could be finished quickly.

This is Lilly, which is basically a circular shrug, and looks like a sort of large hat or bag at the moment.

The pattern is by Sarah Hatton, and can be found in Rowan's Colourscape Folk Collection- I think that's the right name - and also in Issue 9 of The Knitter magazine.

The yarn, of course, is Kaffe Fassett's Colourscape Chunky, and the colourway is called Storm. It is actually quite subdued - shades of grey through to charcoal, with deep greenish teal and duck egg blue. I'm zooming round and round on a 7 mm circ here - it is growing very fast, I am nearly out to the armholes already.

I am making some changes to the pattern. The pattern says to work flat and then seam, but I can see no possible reason for a seam in such a garment. It certainly isn't needed to add stability or structure. So, one stitch less for the initial cast-on, and round and round we go.

It was certainly interesting working a tidy circular start with such a soft yarn. And having just said that I can see no possible reason for working flat and seaming - there is a reason. It really isn't easy to work such a start.

I used the disappearing loop method, for an odd number of stitches. There is a nice tutorial for this on Techknitter's blog, here. Note that the instructions discuss how to cast on an even number of stitches - there is a small but vital change needed for an odd number, and that is noted near the end.

I am pleased with the result, anyway.

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Linda said...

That colourscape yarn looks nice, it is new to me so I will have a look out for it.