Friday, 18 December 2009

Friday lunchtime

I finished Lilly a couple of days ago, and today the sun came out, so we can have some pictures.

To recap - this is Lilly, from Rowan's Colourscape Folk Collection. The pattern is by Sarah Hatton, and I made size L.

The pattern says four skeins of yarn for this size, I used three. I've encountered this before with Colourscape patterns, I believe that extra yarn is allowed so that we can play around with the arrangement of the colours, should we wish to. I just knit it as it came along, and I like the result.

The colours are actually quite subdued - shades of grey through to charcoal, with deep greenish teal and greenish duck egg - and very nice they are too.

I made some changes from the pattern, in that I worked this in the round rather than working flat and seaming. The only disadvantage in doing this is that the circular start is not easy to work neatly with such a soft yarn. I used the disappearing loop method, and size 5.5mm needles. I stayed with the 5.5mm needles for the first round, and only then switched to the pattern size needles.

Also, I did not cast off and then on again for the armholes. Instead I worked across the armhole stitches with waste yarn (bamboo tape worked beautifully for this as it is so smooth) not forgetting to work an increase at the right place, and then purled back across those same stitches. Then I worked across them with the project yarn, again, not forgetting an increase at the right place.

When I came to pick up the live stitches for the armhole, I was able to slide the stitches onto a 60cm circ, along one side, and then the other. Unpicking the bamboo tape was easily done, and then all that remained was to pick up some extra stitches at each end, so that the stitch count came out to an even number - because I wanted to work the armhole edging in the round as well.

Very pleased with the result.

And I've picked up Chamonix again - I finished the back yesterday.

This morning I started the first sleeve.

The back used less than 8 balls of yarn - I only broke into ball number 8 for the last few rows. I'll see how many this sleeve takes, then I'll know if I can make the body any longer - I am liking long pullovers at the moment.

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Linda said...

That has lovely colours and will be so cosy for this snow!