Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Finished in 2009

Here's what I've actually managed to finish this year. I did this for both 2007 and 2008 - and it seems a good idea to continue, I think.

Finished in 2009 - 36 projects.

15 sweaters -
13 pairs of socks -
3 hats -
3 scarves -
1 pair of gloves -
and 1 shawl -
Not bad, I think. I haven't equalled my total of 38 projects in 2007, but that did include 20 pairs of socks and only 4 sweaters. But for two years running now, I've managed to finish 15 sweaters. And this year I have managed 13 pairs of socks, as well.

So, what about next year?

On the Rowan Inter Forum on Ravelry, people have been talking about 10 projects for 2010, and I'm definitely up for this.

People have been setting their own individual targets, and I've been thinking about 10 Rowan projects - that's all Rowan, both yarn and pattern. I like Rowan. For me, they've always defined the absolute best in knitting design, and the yarns are wonderful too.

So next year, my aim is 10 pure Rowan projects. Rowan yarn, Rowan pattern, 10 projects, all finished within 2010. And - hopefully - all from stash. That would include Kim Hargreaves patterns - she is definitely still within the 'Rowan family'.

Which 10 projects? - no, I am not going to make a list. That is tempting fate, I've decided.

I'd also like to try to get my Ravelry queue under control - more than one page to a section seems a bit excessive, and I'd like to get all of the sections down to a single page each. But that might be a step too far .......

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Linda said...

You have knitted some wonderful things. I look forward to seeing all the work you do in 2010! happy new year. x