Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wednesday afternoon

Kaari is nearly finished.

I just have to finish seaming the raglans, work the neck, and do the rest of the finishing. It is easy pleasant work seaming this nice fabric, but I do find that I need daylight - black yarn, you know - so it isn't going that fast.

I've got plenty of this excellent yarn left over (Patons Jet - 70% wool 30% alpaca, and very nice it is, too) and I've been looking through the pattern booklet that contains Kaari, to see what might catch my eye - as you do. And so, as you do - well, as I do, anyway - I cast on for something else - purely on impulse.

This is Karn.

The ridged rib is produced by switching between ordinary 1x1 ribbing, and brioche rib. It makes a beautifully squishy fabric - positively lush - and brioche rib is always fun to work.

So this is keeping me occupied whilst I'm not actually working on Kaari.

And after this? - before I start Chamonix, I mean?

More black textural fabric, I think. Probably Jyri....

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