Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tuesday morning

It is absolutely pouring with rain outside. I've got the house to myself, apart from Lucy, because my other half has gone off to his art class. Even so, I'm perfectly content.

Kaari is coming along - I'm working on the second sleeve now. I'm not even going to attempt a picture of black knitting on a day like today, even with a daylight lamp. So here is a picture of my 'work' corner instead.

And very convenient it is too.

Sometimes the wheel is in front of the chair, sometimes it is the needlepoint frame. That really was a good purchase - I've had it for some years, and it makes such a difference both to the finished result and to the ease of working.

I'm still spending more time on the needlepoint that I am knitting at the moment. I'm not sure why I am suddenly feeling so drawn to it - it is probably the colours, which are lovely, and a real pleasure as the light gets greyer day by day at this time of year.

You know, that Mr Fassett definitely knows his stuff.

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Linda said...

The needlepoint looks beautiful. I would love to see some of your spinning in progress.