Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunday evening

Kaari has been making quite good progress, considering.

I've now finished the back as well as the pockets. They do look a bit unprepossessing here, but the fabric is nice. I've cast on for the first sleeve now, but I haven't got much past the ribbing.

Patons Jet is a very well behaved yarn, actually. Although this is black yarn, I can work with it in the evening with no difficulties at all, as long as I don't want to count rows. It has no tendency to split and is very pleasant to work with. I wish now that I'd got some more of it in Kemp's clearance.

I'd have got a lot more of this done if I hadn't rediscovered my needlepoint. We've decided that some new cushions for the sitting room are in order, and I've had a Kaffe Fassett cushion cover on the frame for a long, long time - in fact I think it was on the frame when we moved into this house, and that's more than two years ago.

Time I got it finished, definitely.

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