Saturday, 7 November 2009

Saturday morning

It has crossed my mind that knitting in black yarn does not make for interesting blog posts. The problem being, of course, the pictures. Photographing black yarn is not easy in the first place, and to make the pictures look even remotely interesting is even harder - at least, it is for me.

So you will have to take my word for it that I am continuing to work on Kaari, because I'm not going to inflict on you a picture of an amorphous black blob. I'm past the ribbing on the front now, and starting to look forward to the seaming.

Yes, I look forward to seaming.

I used to dislike seaming garments, and there used to be garments in various stages of dissassembly lurking in bags around the house. No more, though. Since I discovered mattress stitch, quite a few years ago now, seaming is a positive pleasure.

I just love seeing the whole thing come together. For me, knitting is about the product as much as the process. I do wear my handknits, you see. It is a rare day that I don't have at least one handknit item about my person, even if it is only a pair of handknit socks, or a scarf or hat to be worn when taking the dog for a walk. (Today it is my Grey Navigator, with a fairly ancient pair of black track suit trousers from M & S. Plus an old pair of handknit socks. And no, that is not very glamorous, but there you go)

So I am looking forward to putting Kaari together, and also I am currently thinking about what I shall knit after Kaari is finished. Something small maybe? - another quick project? These picot edged cashmere gloves come to mind. I have some oddments of Rowan Baby Alpaca DK in gooseberry, left over from making Viv. Gloves are quicker even than socks, and this project is a distinct possibility.

Last month, I said that before the end of the year I wanted to make Kaari, something in Noro yarn - probably either Earnshaw or the Y680 cardigan, and also Hudson, because of the cables.

Well, Kaari is going to be finished soon. And I am still looking forward to something in Noro, and I still haven't quite decided between the intarsia Y680 cardigan, and Earnshaw. And I still want to knit something with cables.

But at the moment, I am thinking that instead of Hudson, I will finally cast on for Chamonix.

As you can see, this is a cropped cabled pullover. It is worked in Rowan Classic Cashmere Tweed, which is luscious, has amazing yardage, and sadly is now discontinued. But I have enough to make this pullover.

There are two different neckline treatments given in the pattern. There is the polo neck shown in the picture - and yes, they've made the collar the wrong way round there, the reverse side of the work should not be facing out, the fabric is actually the same cabled rib as the lower edge - and there is a short turnback collar in the same fabric, which is what I would choose, because I don't have a long elegant neck and polo necks do not suit me.

I'd add some length, as well. The pattern says that the medium size measures 18 1/2" in length, and that is definitely a bit short for me. I've got some extra yarn - I almost always get extra yarn, just in case - and I'll see how much additional length I can manage. I am not wanting a long slouchy pullover here, just a normal short sweater length. About like Clovelly, if I can manage it - a bit shorter than my Grey Navigator.

And yes, grey yarn. I like grey.

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Helen said...

Mmmm, grey. I see you've nearly finished Kaari and I haven't even started, sigh. But I'm looking foward to seeing it, black or not.