Sunday, 25 October 2009


I have finally finished sweater number twelve this year - so that's NaKniSweMoDo finished for 2009 as well.

Here is my Lavender & Lichen sweater. This is made from just 4 skeins of Peace Fleece DK, in a hand-dyed colourway that was available a few years back, called Lavender & Lichen.

The pattern is basically Josie's Crewneck, again from Peace Fleece, but with a fair number of modifications. I made the sleeves narrower and also a bit shorter, because I don't like sleeves that come down over my hands. I also added extra length to the body - this involved picking up stitches all the way round, snipping and unpicking the row below to detach the ribbing, and then working down. The lower edges were all finished with 2x2 ribbing followed by a round of purl, and then a sewn cast-off. This gives a nice rounded edge in reverse stocking stitch.

The four skeins were all rather different in terms of colour distribution - I didn't worry about this, but just let the randomness do what it would.

The end result is a warm light pullover that will be very useful through autumn and winter.

I do like the colours. Normally anything remotely pink would never make it onto my needles, but this somehow works rather well.

I also finished the travel socks in Lang Megaboots Stretch - now christened the Boring Socks, because they were, rather.

The finished result is a nice straightforward pair of socks for my husband, but I won't be buying this yarn again. It is rather softer than I like for a sock yarn - I prefer a yarn with a bit more twist.

The colours are pretty, though.

Next onto the needles - another pair of travel socks in yet more Lang Megaboots Stretch, in shades of grey. These are definitely the Even More Boring Socks. No picture yet....

And I have cast on for Kaari. I am using Patons Jet for this, in black. I did swatch, because the pattern gauge is not the same as the manufacturer's recommended gauge for this yarn. So I'm using smaller needles than recommended for this yarn, in order to get the pattern gauge. I'm entirely happy with the fabric, so that's ok.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing your 12th sweater! Quite an accomplishment,considering the somewhat tumultuous year you've had.
I love the color.