Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tuesday morning

We have been busy. I am definitely feeling better, and with the return of energy comes the return of activity. So we've been getting on with a project that we've had in mind for a while, and this means that at the moment the middle floor of our house is in a state of chaos. So no pictures today, because currently I can't find the camera.

To clarify - since we moved into this house two years ago, we've been using the two first floor rooms as a spare room and as a sort of workroom/studio. We thought that it would be nice to have the spare room at the back of the house so that guests could enjoy the lovely view, and the studio at the front of the house, because, you know, we could manage in the smaller room perfectly well.

Except that we didn't, not really. It was just a bit too cramped in there, and it didn't work as well as it should have. My yarn takes up quite a lot of space. (Ahem.) And there is my wheel, and the chair that goes with it, and my floor standing embroidery frame. Plus a nice big sofa for sitting and knitting. Plus the desk. So, not a huge amount of room for my husband's easel.

Also, we've had guests comment on the noise from the trains waking them in the night. We're used to it and we really don't hear them, but it can be a problem for other people.

So we are changing around the function of the two rooms. The spare room is going to be at the front of the house - no pretty view, but significantly quieter. The workroom/studio is going to be the bigger (and noisier) room at the back of the house.

We've started moving the furniture already. I say 'we', but in truth my input is mostly comprised of offering helpful (?) advice from the sidelines, saying 'left a bit' and 'right a bit' as needed, and watching that various corners of things don't take chunks out of the walls.

Hence the chaos.

Anyway, whilst I try to remember where I've put things amidst all this, I have also been thinking about what I'd like to knit between now and the end of the year.

Previous attempts at lists like this have not been very useful, because I am bad at keeping them within the bounds of reason. This time, however, I hope that it will be different.

I want to make Kaari. I have some nice Patons Jet in black which should work well, and this will be a good warm pullover for the cold weather that is coming.

I also want to make Hudson, because it seems like ages since I made anything with cables. I've already been swatching for this with some New Lanark Donegal Silk Tweed in dark graphite, and it makes an excellent fabric.

And I want to make something with Noro. Either Earnshaw, with Kochoran in shades of neutral browns and creams, or else the interestingly named Y680 cardigan, which you can see here. Yes, intarsia.

This year's NaKniSweMoDo is nearly finished. My Lavender & Lichen pullover will be number 12 for me - I'm halfway down the first sleeve at the moment, by the way. There is some discussion on Ravelry at the moment about whether a similar group will be run next year, but even if there is, I don't think I will necessarily be joining.

I like knitting sweaters, but I don't think I want a target like that again. What I do have in mind, though, is something connected with my Ravelry queue. It isn't an enormous queue at all, compared with many - 180 items at the moment, or thereabouts - but it is real. I don't usually put things in my queue unless I seriously intend to make them. I've had excellent fun organising it - undoubtedly this gives me some illusion of control over the thing, but let's not go there....

What I have in mind is to finish at least one project from each of my queue categories. Currently I have 17 categories: accessories; crochet; things for the house; Marianne Isager designs; jackets, Kaffe Fassett designs; light cardigans; light pullovers; scarves; short sleeved tops; sleeveless tops; socks; Alice Starmore designs; vests and waistcoats; wool cardigans; wool pullovers; and finally wraps and shawls.

I quite like this idea. I do wonder, however, if my queue would actually end up being any shorter at the end of the year.....


Heather said...

Glad to hear you are starting to feel a bit better. Good luck with the room swap. I think we have got to the point here where no amount of shuffling the stuff really helps! I must bite the bullet and really sort things out rather than just moving them around.

Your ravelry queue idea sounds good. I am inspired to actually use mine a bit more effectively.

Helen said...

I so want to kit Kaari, but I keep not starting it. I have some navy blue Jet. Maybe we should have a mini-knitalong - a Kaari-along - but yours would be faster, and better.

I'm glad you're feeling better, but be very, very careful - stick to giving orders :)