Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sunday evening

Still here, I think.

I've been just a bit under the weather on and off over the last few days, and am currently at a stage where I feel ok if I rest in bed, but increasingly awful again if I get up and try to do anything. The dreaded words 'remedial surgery' were mentioned at the hospital yesterday evening, in connection with the words 'if this doesn't settle.......' Needless to say, I am not too keen on that particular idea - I've had quite enough of that recently - and would much prefer it if everything just got better by itself. So I am resting. Hooray for appropriate pain relief.

Flow is absolutely lovely, but unphotographed still. The negative ease at the bust is just right, the length is good, the drape is good, and it fits neatly at the shoulders - effortlessly bra-friendly, which makes such a difference. I will get to it, I promise. And I can see myself making another one, in black. The only change that I would make is a very minor one - instead of seaming the shoulder straps, I would choose to work a three needle cast-off instead. Less bulky.

I am almost at the armholes of the Lavender/Lichen pullover, which I have decided I like a whole lot better in its new, smaller incarnation. The colours are not pooling so much, they are nicely mixed. So it isn't the Purple Splodge any more.

Other than that, I've swatched for Hudson with some New Lanark Donegal Silk Tweed DK. Very nice, very nice indeed.....


Helen said...

I'm glad to hear that Flow has turned out so well (I keep thinking it's called 'Flo', like Andy Capp's wife) but your other news isn't so good. I do hope that the resting helps.

Linda said...

Fingers crossed that the resting will work.