Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hello world

I think it is high time that I came out from under my rock and talked a bit about knitting.

Here, finally, is Flow. This is garment number 11 for NaKniSweMoDo.

This is a good example of a garment that is lovely when worn, but looks like absolutely nothing on the hanger. It works, believe me. I think this is the nicest sleeveless top I've ever made.

The pattern is of course from Norah Gaughan, and you'll find it in Berroco's Norah Gaughan Vol 2. I used Rowan's Bamboo Tape in Storm, which is grey as you can see, and I used 11 balls of yarn.

I changed one thing with this pattern, and it makes a big difference especially if, like me, you have chosen to work with negative ease. In my case, this is so that the shoulder width comes out right and the straps don't fall off my shoulders. I added three inches of length, after the shaping for the flare was finished.

I am extremely pleased with this top. It is bra-friendly - so important! - and it drapes beautifully. The flare seems to me to be just right. It is enough to camouflage bits of me that are a bit on the bulgy side, and it gives the impression that I even have a real waist. Or maybe I'm kidding myself.

Anyway, I plan to make another in the same yarn, this time in black.

The Peace Fleece pullover is coming along nicely.

The fabric is really pretty, and I do love working with wool as nice as this - this is Peace Fleece DK in a hand-dyed colourway which was called Lavender & Lichen. I don't know what happened to Peace Fleece hand-dyes - they used to do them every year, and this year there haven't been any new ones.

Anyway, the body is finished. I've joined the shoulders with a three needle cast-off, and the neck has been worked in the round. I've changed it slightly - the pattern wants me to work an inch of 2x2 ribbing, but I've decided to have just five rounds of 2x2 rib and then I've worked a bit of stocking stitch, so that there is a rolled edge.

I've decided to work the sleeves by picking up around the armhole and working down - the pattern wants me to work them flat, and then seam them in place. Me, I'm lazy.

I know I say it with every single garment that I made - but I do hope I'm going to have enough yarn.....

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Helen said...

Flow looks lovely. Perfecto!